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Helix LT - How to adjust XLR, 1/4 inch and Headphone Volumes independently?


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Hello folks,


i`m new to the Helix and love it so far. Unbelievable  possibilities and it sounds quite good to me.

But i cant find a way to manage my volume levels across the outputs (i do not mean the patch/preset volumes):


I`m using the LT and connect it via XLR to my mixing desk, via 1/4 inch in 4 cable method to my amp and now i want to use its headphone output to practice late at night too.

The volume knob can be assigned to change the levels individually but i just want to mute XLR (and 1/4 inch) outputs and control the headphones volume while the others are muted.


Please excuse my bad english skills, i hope i could make clear what i want to do.
So is there any easy way to do this? Maybe someone else had this problem and figured out a nice way to deal with the missing headphone volume knob.


Any help is appreciated,

Best regards


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You can just turn off everything else and use the Volume Knob to control only the headphones. No need to keep your mixing desk and amp on late at night.
LT has no dedicated headphone volume knob for a reason - it is cheaper than FL.

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