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Amplifi 150 / 75 or TT? Wha should I get?

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Originally I was going to sell a few things and get a Deluxe Reverb, then realized, I'd never play through it!  I currently have a Pocket Pod and 99.9 percent of the time, I play through it.   I don't play out anymore, no band, just me a backing track and the pocket pod.  I was thinking , there must be an upgrade from the pocket pod, which is pretty good, but it would be great to get something I could do the same with. In other words, play with a backing track, via headphones BUT as an upgrade , be able to play the same through the amp and the same quality of sound I get from my headphones.  So, is that one of the Amplifi Amps?  Is that something I could do with the TT and a good speaker set or other speaker ( Bose Acoustic Wave I have )  And FINALLY.....what about the quality of the Amplifi 150?  I don't like what I am reading on this forum about that amp!    Anyway, suggestions are greatly appreciated! 

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If you're finished 'playing out' and are going to be playing primarily in your basement or room, consider the Amplifi 30. Really! It's surprisingly loud and it sounds pretty darned good, IMO. It's also pretty easy to adapt it to battery power, so it'd be suitable for playing in the park, where there's no AC power.


I have 30, a 150 and the FX100, and find the 30 the most useful. I also use backing tracks from karaoke-version.com and some I've made myself. It works fine for the occasional open mic show and I can carry the entire setup in an Igloo cooler

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