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Variax Tone Control as Controller. Can it completely ignore tone effect?


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I set the Variax tone control to change amp gain and channel volume.  It is a great way to clean up the sound and rolling up the gain to full shred is a sweet effect that the volume knob alone can't quite do.


However, the tone knob's effect on the guitar is a little wonky.  I have it set to 10 and tone knob locked so that it should not affect the "tone" of the guitar.  This is sort of true.  But if I change pickups, the tone knob has an effect on the guitar tone as well as changing the parameters I set.  So if I rolled off the tone knob intending to only change parameters, then switch pickups, the tone of the guitar gets muddy as if I rolled off the tone.  I have to put the knob to full, switch pickups back and fourth and then the tone knob only affects the parameters.  Not a very good real-world use.


Am I missing something?  Here are the settings I use.


Global: Variax Settings


Global Variax Model

Don't Force

Guitar Variax Volume Knob


Global Variax Tone Knob

Tone Knob

Global Variax Lock Control

Don't Force 

Global Variax Tuning

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What Variax model are you using? 1st Gen (300, 500, 600, 700), or 2nd Gen (JTV, Standard, etc...)


I'm interested in hearing any responses...

I once attempted this with my 1st gen 300 and HD500 and I encountered the same problem you are seeing. I'd be interesting in knowing if this is a 1st gen limitation, a problem that effects all Variax guitars, or if there is a work around. 

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