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HX Stomp controlling GM Deluxe 40


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Not easily. Since the Stomp does not have Command Center, the only MIDI it can send is the default Program Change (PC) #.

For example, Stomp preset 01A corresponds to PC#001. 01B = PC#002.

So, you would need for the Amp Presets to directly correspond to the Stomp Presets.


Simple scenario. Let's say you had a desired configuration for each of the four H&K channels, saved as Presets. You would need to copy each channel's Preset to multiple Preset locations that correspond to the Stomp configurations you want to use with those channels. If you want to use the CLEAN Channel settings with Stomp presets 01A, 01B and 01C then you would copy the H&K CLEAN channel Preset to H&K Preset locations 001,002 and 003 (assuming that the H&K numbers it's Presets 001-128 vs 000-127. This is not clear from a quick look at the manual, but I may have missed it).


Since the Stomp can't send CC#s (Command Center required), that's about all you can do. You won't be able to switch channels via Snapshot.

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9 minutes ago, Pat6969 said:

OK, thanks. That's what I wanted to know. I might be able to make that work. Is there any plans that you know of the implement a wider midi platform? Maybe assignable PC numbers?


Probably not, but ya never know!

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