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JTV 89F very weak signal

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At a soundcheck last weekend my JTV89F suddenly started to send a much weaker signal. I was on the mag pickups, through a Helix. First I thought it was the cable or the input, so I changed to a VDI cable, but with the same poor result. Then I figured it might be the Helix and restarted it. Same issue... Then I plugged an Ibanez in via a regular instrument cable and everything was ok. The gig went smooth with the Ibanez, but I am wondering what happened to the Variax.... Have not yet had the time to check if the piezos works as usual, but will try later tonight to check more...

Anyone had the same issue?


/ David

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If models work most likely a wiring/switching issue which requires qualified care/repair.  


Have you perhaps changed type/brand of strings when this happened?  I recently had a bizarre loss of magnetic pickup signal.  Fortunately only 1 string affected.  Traced down to some weird Chinese metal alloy string which didn’t possess magnetic properties.  Alloy strings can make a tremendous difference when it comes to magnetic qualities.  


https://line6.com/support/topic/49648-help- no-high-e-string-using-magnetic-pickups- models-fine- /?tab=comments#comment-307654


Good luck….

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