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I recently bought a used JTV-69S off Ebay. It seems to be in good condition, bit the magnetic miks hum like there is no tomorrow. When I remived the backplate there is no ground wire attached to the tremolo claw. Where should it be soldered? Does anyone have a picture of the back cavity?

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It may have single coils and look like a Strat, but there's a whole lot more going on under the hood than usual, and everything in there is self contained. I assume that everything is grounded somewhere, but wherever it is, it ain't the trem claw. Those pickups are just super noisy...mine are too... but I bought it for the modeling, so it doesn't much matter. If I want a Strat, there are two sitting right next to the JTV. If its driving you that nuts, look into a noiseless option.

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