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Using new templates and factory PS


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I noticed before updating the Helix floor firmware that part of the instructions said if you wanted to use the new templates and Factory presets to back up your set list separately, so dose this mean that when a full back up is created with some previous firmware that the templates and factory presets are backed up as well and after a successful firmware update and preset reset/rebuild (power on holding stomp buttons 7 and 8 ) that when I do a restore from the backup done before firmware update that the new template and factory 1 and 2 will be restored to the backup's Templates, factory 1 and 2 set list's??? And if this is true the only way to get the global settings the way I had them is to back up the new firmware Factory 1 and 2 and templates set lists before restoring the full back up and then restore the set list after the full restore is done?


wow hope that don't confuse you ... LOL but I tried to get it down the best way I could...


I also noticed that one set of update instructions says use you current HX edit to do the back ups before firmware is installed and an other set of instructions says to to down load the new HX edidtor and then do the backup before installing the update?!?!?! anyone else see this? LOL

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You could also do this sequence and avoid having to back up individual setlist before updating the firmware. However, I would still recommend that you do back up individual setlists but using this method it is not necessary.


 - create a full system backup before updating firmware

- update the firmware. Note that this does not install any new factory setlists that might be available with the new firmware.

- perform a factory reset with the new firmware. This installs the new factory setlists and default global settings and also wipes out all other setlists and IRs.

- restore the full system backup. Use the setlist options and select to install only the user setlists; leave the recently updated factory setlists intact. This restores your custom global settings, IRs, and all selcted setlists.



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