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amp for pod x3 live


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Hey all,

have had my good old pod x3 live for a while now and still more than happy with it.

Been playing with it through my headphones or my home stereo or straight into PA or gigs.

I am now looking for an amp I can play it through so I can share my noise at home.  Thing is I don't wanna be changing the sound too much.  I was thinking about one of the old Flextone III combos as I still prefer the looks of them over any spider amp.

However since that comes with a built in PODxt (from memory) I am thinking (besides it being overkill) my pod x3 sound will be altered which I don't want.

Also the Flex III seems to have Celestion speakers where as the Flex II has Line6's Tubetones.  Is there much of a difference between these two speakers?


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That cabinet doesn't seem like FRFR to me. I think it will colour your sound like a normal guitar cabinet. That's not what you want.


As long as your chosen speaker is active (i.e. has its own power) you won't need any extra power amp.


Start here....


The above includes some of the more expensive options. Also search for FRFR Studio Speakers. For mono you'll only need one; for stereo you'll need a pair.

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thx silverhead.

I watched that video before.  I haven't been able to find a decent active FRFR speaker in my desired price range.  Plus, wouldn't the poweramp in those active FRFR alter the sound also?
So what would be the difference between using an old flextone (clean without any cab model) instead?

The flextone combos are REALLY cheap these days and if the x3 live ever goes I would still be able to play with some decent sounds - compared to getting an active FRFR that is fairly useless on it's own.

Can anybody tell me if there is much or any sound difference of the Flextone ii tubetone speakers and the Flextone iii Celestions?

Thanks a lot

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