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Amplfi Has The Potential Be A Great Next Gen Alternative To ...

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... my Vetta II combo. 


Honestly, with a:


- free configurable FX loop for my external looper (Boomerang III) &

- VDI connection for my JTV's

- HD models of the HD500X & some of the great sounding Vetta II models (with 'Armin's' cabs ;)  ....) ---


this would be the first time in the last 10 years (the time I'm exclusively using my Vetta II combo - apart from my HD500X which I use for the 'small cutlery' gigs, like restaurants/bars etc) there I would really consider changing amps ...

None of the existing Line 6 solutions - I tried most of them - so far could convince me so far to change, mostly because of the compactness, one unit, consistently great sounding gigging/recording device - a couple of the reasons why I was never really fuzzed about Axe Fx etc - haven't tried a KPA yet though ...

From what I heard so far (Anderton's video etc) this unit sounds great & has the potential - once the above mentioned features are integrated!! - to be a serious contender to the all DSP amp market (IMHO!) ...


Well, Line 6 - food for thought ... maybe ...  :)




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some good ideas there.


to add to what you said, don't forget that the Vetta tones were XT based.  X3 tones (as I understand are in the Amplifi) are the same basic amp models but using a higher sample rate.  so the Amplifi tones, while not HD, are theoretically already superior to a Vetta II.


To make sure the right people at L6 see your ideas (as I think you make some great points) please head over to here: http://line6.ideascale.com/ and make a suggestion.  If enough people over there agree with your idea, then there's more chance it will become a reality in the future.





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I feel the same way. This amp is almost there. With the addition of a few more key features I will be sold.

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