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  1. As of today I own 4 of the Korean JTVs; a tobacco 59, a sunburst 69, a black 59p, and a black 69s. The first one I bought (the tobacco 59) was shipped without the battery/charger/accessories so during the weeks it took the company to correct this oversight I had plenty of time to put it through plenty of play time without using the models. It quickly became my go-to guitar and bumped my VG strat and other american strats to back-up status, even for live performance. Fit and finish was on par with my higher end guitars and the neck played beautifully. Even strumming it unplugged the body resonates well and this thing really sings. Once I finally received the necessary components to access the models my whole world changed. I immediately set out to sell off the rest of my guitars. Over the last 4 years I have been playing this guitar and would never consider trading it for ANY LP, STRAT, PRS, etc. I will play this guitar until either it or I fall apart. My quest to acquire my current stable of JTVs has taught me that they are not all created equal. I have checked out a few in different guitar shops that have had issues with fit, setup, faulty electronics/switches,etc. Like a woman, the trick is finding a "good" one, and once you do, never let her go!
  2. I feel the same way. This amp is almost there. With the addition of a few more key features I will be sold.
  3. I'm hanging on to my FBV mk2 just in case. A few more features to make this amp "gig worthy" and I'll be sold.
  4. The lack of XLR out is one of the things that will deter me from buying this amp. I'm really interested in it, but in order for me to commit, I need gear that I can use at home and on stage without the need for additional mic setup. I'll be sitting back waiting to see if there will be future developments (possibly the introduction of new models) that incorporate the Amplifi's current features with direct out options and HD modeling. I am a big fan of the direction Line 6 is going in with development of new products and I hope this is the first step towards the introduction of an amp that I can take directly from practice to the stage and just plug in and play.
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