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Bright spot on LCD Screen


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I just purchased a POD HD, and it works great.  There is, however, an area that covers about 30% of the LCD screen that is brighter than the rest of the screen.  It does not affect the text on the screen, but makes me wonder if it will spread.  Has anyone else had this issue with any of their Line 6 POD products?


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truth is, that could be something as simple as two layers of screen touching, which causes a light refraction. 

think of your phone - when you first put the screen protector on. how it looks like a puddle of water expanding across your screen. 


It is such a "i didn't know that" issue, years ago i had taken one of my old flip phones to the store wondering what this bubble is and why it just randomly appeared.... they told me it was water damage. i told them to f'off. but at home, i used a hair dryer on the phone, and it did make the bubble disappear - temporarily. 

it was another, more educated, agent that told me it that the two screen layers touching. 


but it could be something serious. 

another story - going back like 20 years, when Roland first came out with touch screens on their units - they had given me one as an advance unit. The backlight lasted a very short time, like days. And then, months later, they had this big unveiling party and they said they waited to put out touch screens because they wanted them to be reliable. When they added "our touch screens won't go bad", I just busted out laughing. As I was on my 3rd device before the unit was even available to the general public.   

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Yah I am 99% sure that I could get a lifetime of use out of it.  If I bought it used I would chance it and keep it, but since it is a new purchase with a 30 day return period, I will just get them to ship me out another unit to be on the safe side.  I really like the POD line.  It is old now but I like the small space it takes up on the desk, and I love the really old Line 6 effects.

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