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HX Stomp in different situations


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Hi guys! Recently just purchased a HX Stomp after years of thought (I know I'm late to the party). I am extremely impressed with the unit and all that it can do. I am currently using the HX stomp in 4 situations:


1) Stereo with amp and IR blocks

2) Mono with amp and IR block

3) Stereo into an amp, using HX stomp as an effects unit

4) Mono into an amp, using HX stomp as an effects unit


The amp with IRs sounds amazing. Different FOH engineers haven't said anything bad other than it being bright (which is tweakable since I just got it). However, I recently just used it as an effects unit running into the front end of an amp (HiWatt head connected to FOH through a Palmer PDI-03) and I'm pretty disappointed with how it sounded. In my ears, the HX stomp seems to have cut much of my low end and replaced it what sounded like a guitar running into a DI. I ran instrument level into the amp and had my input impedance set at 230K.

Is there anything I'm doing wrong? Does it have anything to do with the amp running through a Palmer?

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Is this what you're using?


If so, I'd guess that you don't like their speaker sims.


If you take an unfiltered line out from the PDI03 back into the stomp, you can use your own IRs.

Of course, that leaves you with only 5 FX blocks available.


The configuration would look something like this:




Guitar>HX Stomp Input>Pre Amp FX Blocks(Dist/OD/?)>FX Loop L Block>FX Send(Inst Level)>Hiwatt Input>Hiwatt Spkr Out>PDI03 Spkr Input>PDI03 Line Out>HX Stomp L Mono Return>Post Amp FX(Delay/Rev/) Cab/IR>HX Stomp L Mono Output>FOH


Guitar>HX Stomp Input>Stomp FX Blocks>FX LOOP BLOCK L>Send (Inst Level)>Hiwatt Input>Hiwatt Spkr Out>

PDI03 Spkr Input>PDI03 Spkr THRU>Hiwatt Physical Cab

                               > PDI03 Unfiltered Line Out>HX Stomp L/Mono Return>IR Block>HX Stomp 1/4" L/Mono Out>FOH


The Stomp's Outputs are balanced, so there's no need to use a DI from the Stomp to FOH, but you may need a 1/4" Balanced to XLR adapter for the FOH snake.


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Yep thats the exact one I used. The interesting thing is I’ve uses that before and thought it sounded convincing enough. I also tried plugging directly into the amp and it sounded noticeably better but once i plugged it through my board with the HX Stomp, the low end essentially disappeared and it was much softer. I’ve used this exact set-up through an amp with speakers and it sounded fine except it was a lil bright. Does the HX Stomp coloue the tone that much?

I’ve included a pic of my board. I run my nova delay in the effects loop I can’t run the PDI-03 into it. 


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You've moved the goal posts 7 miles from the original end zone. IOW, there's way too many variables in that configuration for me to even begin to troubleshoot a tone problem.

All I can tell you for sure is that NO, the Stomp does NOT color the tone that much BY ITSELF.


Plug your guitar into the Stomp. Plug the 1/4" Out (Instrument Level) into the Amp Input. Using a clean/empty preset (no effects, with Global EQ OFF), does it color the sound?


If it's not the Stomp, then start adding pedals one at a time (using the clean/empty preset) until you find the problem. THEN add the PDI03. Something to keep in mind is that as soon as you introduce an attenuator into the signal chain, THAT (the attenuation) can affect the tone.


Also, make sure that your Power Supply is up to the task of powering everything on your board.

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Some updates after this weekend:

1) Realised I had an impedance mismatch due to the FV50H being after a buffered pedal when it should see my guitar at the very beginning. Swapped it and got back my highs and some bits of low end


2) Tone was still not to my liking so i concluded that rd2rk was right; I indeed did not like the palmer cab simulator. However, it was too much of a hassle to rewire my board to use the IRs in the HX Stomp. 

My solution: run a preamp into the front of the HiWatt to give it some character and dirt to give it some life. Used the JTM45 preamp (bright) into the front end. Added a nice sparkle and extended the low end a bit. Dealt with the weird mids i was getting from a somewhat DI-like signal too. Put out some of my best tones so far. 


The HX stomp saved the day this weekend by giving me additional tools to solve a problem I couldn’t. 10/10 would recommend. 

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