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Tuner as preset via midi


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Hi all, 


I am controlling my HX Stomp via Midi, using a Boss ES-5.

I would like to have one preset that’s taking me immediately to the tuner. So let’s say, preset 111 on the ES-5 is my tuner on the HX.

Since I like to use all 3 stomps on the HX for other things, I want to avoid setting one up as tuner switch. 

Right now I kinda managed to do this, by setting up FS4 as tuner, and sending a signal from the boss (ctr1 out). This works, but there’s still one extra click needed to actually turn on the tuner.


My issue is that I lose EXP on the HX doing it this way (HX doesn’t let you set it up per preset, only globally) since this input is then used as FS4. 

Hopefully I am making sense! Is there anyone who has a suggestion??

Best would be if the tuner on the HX simply would be available as a block, but it’s not..



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You can't have the tuner on as a preset in the Stomp, but couldn't you just create a preset in the ES-5 that recalls the tuner on the Stomp? I believe you can send up to 8 MIDI messages with a patch change on the ES-5, so you could just set up a preset on the ES-5 where it sends out CC#68, value 127 (the command to turn the tuner on on the Stomp).

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Ok, another problem occurred, which I am not able to tackle myself..


I created a preset on the boss that sends cc#68 value 127. It works. BUT, when I switch to a different preset on the boss and then come back to the tuner preset, the tuner is switched off. Doing the same again, the tuner is again on. 

Any ideas?

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