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The right Multi Effects Pedal?


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Greetings Musicians,

Say, I have performed in an acoustic rock band for 10 years. I have a custom pedal board customized to my sound that I run direct to FOH for large venues. Our band has deciided to add electric guitars back in for part of the shows.  I want to find a floor pedal that fits the following criteria   1) run direct to Main PA  2) simple to use  3) I only use the following sounds  A) Clean  B) great crunch/distortion c) lead  d) chorus  E) delay.   I also need a built in tuner, Volume pedal & DI.  So I really only need  5 or so killer patches/buttons. I am a simpleton.  The easier the better but it has to be  of Pro Quality


I am so confused by brands and models.. Any recomendation.  under a 1000 bucks would be great

.thanks you,

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Hi Buford,


Few have seen the PodGo live so far, so it's hard to say whether it is the "right" pedal.  But based on the reviews by folks on youtube, it will give you what you need based on the requirements above.  For a little more the well known and understood HD Stomp plus an expression pedal would give you what you are asking for and be "Pro Quality".


Personally, I use a Helix Floor, and it would be all of that, but over your budget, but a Helix LT would be within your budget.   I also have an old POD HD500x and it would also meet your requirement.  I still use mine from time to time.  They are economical used or new now.


Hope you find what you need.

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