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L2T Not Changing Speaker Mode Automatically

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Just bought a used L2T locally ($400 - great deal), and everything seems to work fine with the exception of the speaker mode auto-select. Whenever I turn the speaker on its side, it stays in the same mode previously selected. I've tried both powered on and powered off. If I select a mode, power off, turn it on its side, power on, it stays in that other mode (electric, acoustic, PA, etc). If I set it horizontally, select a mode, turn it off, turn it back on, still stays in that same mode, doesn't switch to floor monitor mode. What am I missing here?


It's connected to my Helix floor via L6 Link. Admittedly, I am using a regular 10' Mogami XLR for the connection, but do have a Mogami AES/EBU cable on the way (though I don't think that would have anything to do with this issue). It behaves the same way with L6 Link connected or not, something plugged into the mixer or not, etc. I have tested everything on the speaker with the exception of the L6 Link output daisy-chain, as I don't have another Link device to try it with. All other connectors, ports, and knobs work. Mixer ch.2 gain knob is a bit noisy, but is getting better with use - probably just a dirty pot - guy said it's barely used, and yeah it looks nearly brand new save for some dust. I have checked firmware version, and it's at the latest 1.05.


Any ideas? It's not that big of a deal really, but just bothers me that something that's supposed to work...isn't. I know there are pole mount sensors and other sensors to detect speaker position for virtual tilt-back and such, and with this not working, I now wonder if those do too?

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I was able to get it fixed! The two optical sensors in the pole mount were dirty, causing it to think it was on a pole, and therefore not look for the horizontal/vertical orientation. Just wiped the sensors off, power cycled and it came up in floor monitor mode. Changed to a different mode, powered off, powered back on, and watched it actually flip to floor monitor mode. Also mounted it on a pole vs sitting vertically on the floor and there’s a clear difference in bass response with my acoustic feeding channel 1, so looks like that’s working too. Don’t believe there are any visual indicators for virtual tilt back, right?


Also went into a high gain stereo patch and did some panning left and right to make sure the single L6 Link was sending a full stereo signal, and it was. Pan left volume goes down along with stereo delay repeats, pan right and same, pan center and volume comes back up with both delay repeats.


Now just need to get the AES/EBU cable in and hooked up and should all be good.

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13 minutes ago, scotterp said:

Thanks for the info! I have a couple L2's that don't change as well. I've been manually changing the setting on the back. Gonna follow your steps and see if that works.


Good deal, glad I was able to help. There's a transmitter and receiver, two little holes way down in the pole mount. It's a bit of a stretch to get your fingers down there, just feel for the indentation and give it a wipe. Took a microfiber cloth, dampened it just a little (just very lightly damp, NOT dripping or soaked), wiped them off, turned it to a dry section of cloth, and wiped them again. DON'T use anything like alcohol or solvents to clean, nor anything abrasive, just a dry or lightly damp cloth (or sometimes even a CLEAN finger will do it). Anything else can distort or scratch the lenses of the sensors. I work in ATM repair, and cash dispensers use similar optical sensors for note detection that also become dirty.

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