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Problem with file from Marketplace


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Hello . Recently I bought several files with presets and IR in Marketplace.

Angel 412AE NeoCB Essential Cabinet IR (91-013-0001-01)
HX Stomp Full Bundle (91-014-0010-02)


These files are fine.

Pivy 5051 V30 Cabinet IR (91-013-0157-01)

When I download this file I get an empty pack with the inscription.

Please forgive me if I wrote in the wrong place. I live in Ukraine and speak English poorly.

What should I do ? I paid the money, but did not receive the goods.

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Does anyone here really know the answer to my question ?? Can someone tell me where to go ?? Forum moderators are related to Line 6 ??
    Moderators, help with advice !! Do not ignore my question !!
    I live in Ukraine and our average salary is $ 100. I paid $ 49 for an empty folder !!
    Moderators, help with advice !! Where to go ?? What to do ??

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You can also try downloading the folder again. To do that, click on the Support tab at the top of this page. Scroll down until you see Account Services; click on that. Then click on Helix Marketplace from the list on the left side of the page. You should then see all your Marketplace purchases and be able to download again.

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I could not figure out what to do on the specified link. I speak English very poorly. Your profile indicates: Line6 expert. Could you personally help me with this problem ?? The file is still empty after downloading. I repeated the download many times and still get an empty pack. Other files purchased on the Marketplace load normally. The problem is only with the "Pivy 5051 V30 Cabinet IR file".

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