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How to switch between amp combo and Pod Go?


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Good day,


I got the PodGo because I am new to effects, all the previews said it was pretty easy to use, and it was more economical then the pedal setup I was considering.  It has been nice playing the bass over the laptop speakers to YouTube backing tracks.  However,  (day two of ownership) I would like to connect Pod Go to my amp combo but be able to switch between:

  1. My amp combo effects and eq with just effects from the PodGo (no amp and cab models)
  2. PodGo effects, amp, and cab models with my amp combo eq but no amp combo effects
  3. PodGo effects, amp, cab, and eq models with no effects from my amp combo


I have a Peavey Max 100 amp combo that has a couple of on-off eq profile buttons, and connectors for active input, passive input, FX loop, DI, and footswitch.  The Quick Start on page 7 of the 1.10 owners guide has a setup for powered speakers but it does not say which input to connect to.  Should I be connecting to the active input or the return FX loop?  How do I assign a foot-switch to toggle between no PodGo and no amp combo effects?


My bass ( Ibanez GSR205SM ) has active pickups, a tone knob, and an eq knob that rolls over a low/mid/high boost/cut profile. Do I need to have these knobs turned all the way down using the PodGO to the amp combo?  I don't want to overload anything by sending boost/effects from both the bass, PodGo, and amp combo.


Is there a way to filter the amps and cabs for ones used for bass?  There are a few factory bass presets in banks 12 and 13 so I know those ones are for bass.  However, in PodGo Edit there is no indication of what is bass and what is guitar.  I saw a review of other Line 6 products where this filtering was an option.  Is this coming in a firmware and/or software update.  Perhaps just putting the bass clef in one of the corners of the amp/cab icon would help.






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@spaceatl , So I need 4 cables and I need to merge a foot-switch to control the bypass on the Pod Go amp and cab simultaneously?  Will have to try this after the shelter-in-place ends and I can get some more cables; I only have 2 at the moment.


I looked into bypassing the Peavey amp and eq profiles and it appears this is not possible.  The only thing I can do is switch off all of the eq profiles and set  knobs level.  Maybe I will get a FRFR cab at some point but for now I'll just try levelling everything out on the Peavey.  


Any idea if filtering the amps and cabs by bass and guitar is possible or coming soon?

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