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Amplifi 150 update and advice


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Hi, I’m aware the Amplifi community has dried up on this range of amps.


My Amplifi 150 too easily drops the connection with iPad app, as I have read many others experience too.


However, i still really like the amp and would be grateful for advice...


Should I risk a firmware update? 

Is anybody still making and uploading tones in 2020 and where can I find them?


Are there any tweaks you suggest that will keep this Amplifi platform stable and alive for users like me?


Many thanks, stay safe in these Covid-19 strange times




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Hey Rich,


I always keep my Amplifi 150 on the newest firmware because they often fix bugs like that. I haven't had my amp drop connection with my phone in a very long time, but I suppose that could just mean I am lucky. I have found that the range of the bluetooth is very poor though.


As for cloud tones, I mostly create my own tones these days, however when I do take tones from the cloud I can usually find something I can work with. I'm not sure if anybody is making new tones and posting them, but most of the songs I want to play have a tone available in the cloud. Otherwise I just make one.



More recently I have been using my Amplifi as a hybrid FRFR system for my POD HD500X. I can use the Pod like it was designed and use its inbuilt amps with effects on either side and the amp with just eq and reverb, or I can use all 8 effects slots and an amp simulation from the Amplifi. It makes my rig more versatile. I was in the pit band for Mamma Mia in January this year and this is what I did for my guitar park. Direct out from my Pod to the FOH and headphones out to the Amplifi. I had 3 main patches; my strat (using guitar in), my Maton (using Aux in), and a 12 (string using the mic in). I changed the inputs for the patches so it automatically disabled the other channels when I was using one. I now use the same sort of thing for practice.

This is what I have done to make my Amplifi more stable and alive, but I am not saying that you should go and spend money on a multi effects unit to use with the Amplifi.


I hope this is somewhat helpful, and sorry for that huge tangent.


Stay safe and happy playing!



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Unfortunatly ALL owners of any Amplifi were deliberately screwed by Line 6. Tens of thousands have been ripped of succesfully by Line 6 because they sell a product THAT HAS NEVER WORKED PROPERLY FROM THE START!  Since day one it has been clearly documented by MILLIONS that Amplifi 150 and all other Line 6 products have a MAJOR blue tooth conectivity problem with both the Android and IOS versions of the Amplifi app. Like me if you own any Line 6 product you have a usless paperweight. If you are thinking about purchasing an Amplifi YOU KNOW UP FRONT THAT IT WILL NEVER WORK! BEST ADVICE STAY AWAY FROM EVERYTHING LINE 6 AND DON'T LOOK BACK!

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I bought my AmpliFi 150 about 7 years ago. It worked perfectly until about 3 years ago when it suddenly started losing the BT connection after about 10 minutes and the controls froze. All the Tone LEDs lit up but that was it. No Volume control or effects controls at all. I did a factory reset as per the instructions. However, the problem continued. I spent far too much time trying to sort it out so put the Amp away in the cupboard. Took it out today and tried to sort it out. Turned it on, successfully paired it with my Android phone, plugged my guitar in, played a song or 2 then it just lost all connections and froze after less than 5 minutes.

I can't be bothered with it anymore!

What was originally a great amp is a now just a piece of junk and a waste of the original investment of $799. Its going to the dump...out of sight - out of mind. YAMAHA sux, stick to outboard motors and motor bikes.

PS: When I first bought the Amp the App only worked on Apple iPad. When my iPad died (as they all do in very short order) I  switched to the newly available Android version of the App. Both worked fine in the early years.

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PS. Info re: Ipad App
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Hi,I also was a sucker for believing that line 6 would do some kind of aftermarket customer service thingy,but no regrettably if you have a 150 it might as well be a brick,there is absolutely no way to get in to the thing,installed all the latest drivers etc the thing is not recognised on windows 10,been thinkining of installing windows 7,get the thing updated and then go back to 10

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