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L6 Marketplace purchases


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So I opened up a support ticket on this already but I figured I'd put it out there in case any of you have experienced this... I purchased a couple of preset packs but they failed to import and it gave my a notice about "required licenses"(?) something to that effect... Anyways, does anyone out there know what this is about? Thanks

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9 hours ago, silverhead said:

Make sure you are logged into your Line 6 account within HX Edit when you import the Marketplace assets. Check the bottom left area of the HX Edit window to login to your account.


I tried that but it still doesn't work... I also noticed that I can't install the latest update for Line 6 updater.... the notice says something to the effect of "Apple can't unpackaged installation because it can't check for malicious software'... not sure if these issues are related but I'm using Mac OS Catalina...

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