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I use my Ipad with the App OnSong for Note-sheets and also to change the Presets from the Helix Floor. When connected with the usb-cable and the camera-adapter from the ipad it works perfectly. The Helix receives the bpm from the App and the delay works.
Then I wanted to get rid of the cable and found the wireless adapter from yamaha MD-BT01. Connection works and the presets also change - BUT the tap tempo is very irregular. Some information comes, but not nearly in time. And so the delay always skews the tone so i can't use this.


Does anyone have an idea? 


thanks for your help! 

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tempo sync won't work via bluetooth. Midi Clock events are sent at a rate of 24 pulses per quarter note. Bluetooth has latency time and sends data in a other packet size than midi. 


Friend has tried this via bluetooth too, to sync his drum computer with an app but he didn't get a stable clock signal. iRig MIDI 2 with cables worked flawless instead.


So you have to live with the cable clutter. 


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