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  1. You can use the HX Stomp alone with headphones and don't need your amp.
  2. I had to use an older Version and driver of the HXEdit (2.80) to update my HX Stomp with 2.70 or something to the latest 2.8 before I could go to 2.9. When on Windows, remove your device, remove all HX Software and Driver, reboot. Install 2.80, update, remove and reboot. Than try the latest.
  3. Hello, tempo sync won't work via bluetooth. Midi Clock events are sent at a rate of 24 pulses per quarter note. Bluetooth has latency time and sends data in a other packet size than midi. Friend has tried this via bluetooth too, to sync his drum computer with an app but he didn't get a stable clock signal. iRig MIDI 2 with cables worked flawless instead. So you have to live with the cable clutter.
  4. The original PSU has 3.0A so I don't think the voodoo lab with only 0.5A on one output will do it. On the first page of this post, you can see that some PSUs are suggested that work when using two outputs with a doubler.
  5. Your posting will help the OP zero with his problem. DFU mode is no factory reset, is a state of the bootloader, when a normal update process failed, so a tool will still be able to write a FW or update routine. I've RTFM and no update process worked like described in the manual but I was able to update it via the DFU mode. The black screen of the OPs device may indicate that the device is in DFU mode and he can update via the Updater and not Editor. And sorry that I assumed that a expensive unit like this, has included a working usb cable.
  6. No update for my HX Stomp worked like described in the manual. I always had to put the HX Stomp in DFU mode and update with the Line 6 updater.
  7. I've a HX Stomp and it can be switched to DFU mode when holding a key at power up. DFU mode shows nothing on screen but I can update firmware with the updater.
  8. Not sure if it was already mentioned here, but I had massive problems updating my HX Stomp (not always detected or updater crashed) with the supplied usb cable. After replacing it with a shorter quality cable, everything works perfekt.
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