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Monitoring in Cubase

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Hello all,


I have been using Logic Pro X for the last several years but have recently been giving Cubase Elements (9) a test drive. I am having difficulty getting the monitoring situation set up the way I'd like it. I go straight from Helix to my computer (iMac running High Sierra) via USB and monitor directly from Helix. In Logic Pro I could turn off "Input Monitoring" and that would allow me to see the input levels of an armed track at the meter but NOT hear the DAW output in my monitors/headphones. Only the Helix output would be audible. The DAW output would be audible only when playing back. In Cubase, I have not been able to replicate this behavior. In order to see the input meter, I must enable the input monitor for that track which also puts the DAW audio output for that track in my monitors, which means I am hearing both the Helix and DAW outputs simultaneously. Which is not desirable. I cannot find a setting that seems to allow for monitoring of the input signal at the meter without also hearing its output in the monitors.


I did find an option in Devices -> Device Setup -> HELIX Audio that says "Direct Monitoring" which seems applicable, but the option is greyed out and I cannot select it. Should I be able to? the ASIO Driver is set to "Helix Audio".


Other than this issue everything records and plays back properly.


How are you Cubase users out there handling monitoring with Helix?


Thanks in advance!

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On 6/5/2020 at 12:16 PM, Verne-Bunsen said:

In Cubase, I have not been able to replicate this behavior.


I run into that with Studio One 4x using an UA Apollo interface. What I did was just mute the audio in "Console" software,  on that input channel (when input monitoring was on in the DAW software), so I could hear Helix and not hear Helix twice set 5 miliseconds or so apart!  So look at Cubase Elements 9 again, read and search in google about how to turn off input monitoring in this and still record audio on that track/input. Hope this helps a little.

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Hey Spikey, thanks for your reply. I've spent a lot of time with it the last couple of days and have managed to get things set up in a way I can work with. As is often the case when changing from a program you have used for a long time, I just had to stop trying to do it like I did before. Instead of seeing meters on the active tracks, I pull up the Mix Console and it shows meters for all inputs regardless of track arming or input monitoring status. This allows me to see my meters without  activating input monitoring, so I don't have to hear the DAW audio output, but playback still outputs through Helix as desired. All good! It still seems like I should be able to select "Direct Monitoring" for Helix, but I'm not fretting about it too badly now that I've got things sorted. 

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