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FS3 No Longer Bringing Up Tuner On HX Stomp

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Updated to 2.92 
Just realized that my 3 footswitches now refuse to do anything other than change presets. I also only have 2 views. One is the footswitches view with 000, 001, and 002
The other view is the block view showing the blocks in the preset.

This kinda sucks for me because I use a MC6 to switch between snapshots and I only used the HX Stomp footswitches to turn on the tuner (FS3)
So now I can't access the tuner. :(
And yes, I have FS3 assigned to the tuner in Global Settings -> Footswitches

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Do a Factory Reset. If that fails to get things back to default, do a full reinstall of HX Edit and firmware 2.92. If still no good, open a service ticket and Line 6 Tech support will get you going. 

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