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How Good Is Pod Farm With A High-end Guitar

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If I saved up around £2000, and wanted to spend it all on a really high-end guitar with top of the range pickups etc, would I be wasting money if I then only used it with Pod Farm? I'm pretty happy with it now, but its hard to tell whether the limiting factor in the sounds I can get is my ~£400 RG370DXZ, with its stock Infinity pickups, or the software. Would I be better off spending less on a guitar and getting something from the Pod HD line?

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There is a lot more to a higher end guitar than just the pickups.  If it were just the pickups, you could put upgrades into your current guitar and leave it at that.  A higher end guitar should be about parts (including pickups), fit, finish, quality control, and playability.  It tends to be an upgrade in your overall playing satisfaction as much as the sound.


A higher end guitar should give you a marginal improvement in sound with POD Farm, and a quality guitar is an investment that can last you a lifetime.  A new modeler is an investment that will only last a few years, until the next improvement hits the market.


All that said, after buying the guitar, it wouldn't be a bad idea to save up a bit more for a POD HD, or whatever the latest model is at the time.

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