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After a while, I tried to start my old Pod 2.0, which I found somewhere in the attic.

I'm using the original DC Adapter.


When I switch the device on, it just displays Pod, then 2.0. After this, the two arrows for the tuner flash for a little moment and then it display s again Pod 2.0 and so on. Restarting the device does not help and neither does pressing any of the buttons.


What can I do?

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From the manual: 

If, for any reason, or just for the sheer mad joy of it, you decide you need to reset
your POD’s memory to its factory-programmed state, hold down the Up and
Down buttons as you turn on the power. That’ll blow your POD’s memory and
reset it just like it was when it left the Line 6 factory.
Warning: This will erase ALL the channels, as well as the custom amp and effect
settings you might have created. So be sure and ask yourself “Do I really want to do
this?” If the answer is yes, go on ahead with your bad self.

Word to the wise: Don't put electronics in an attic. Attics can easily get over 100 degrees.


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Thanks, I only downloaded the pilots manual and there was nothing about resetting the device. 

It was worth a try, but after resetting the device and the display showing "int", it was in the reboot loop again. So unfortunately this did not work.

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