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SORTED: Line 6 warranty period in the UK? Clarification please?


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Hi folks - can anyone from Line 6 or Yamaha please clarify its manufacturers warranty period for its products (& I'm looking specifically at Pod Go) in the UK


The Line 6 website shows only 12 months, but the Yamaha website shows 24 months for Europe.  Some stores that show their normal 12 mths warranty on their website appear to be under the impression that it's 2 years for all UK Line 6 products?


As this could influence where I buy Pod Go from (some stores offer a 2yr warranty or more as standard) could someone from Line 6 and/or Yamaha please give a definitive clarification here please?



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can now clarify folks. I've just spoken with Martin who's a lovely guy and very helpful at Yamaha London, who have Pod Go in stock (came in yesterday).  If you buy from Yamaha they give a free extended 2yr warranty and offer a 30 day return policy - as Pod Go is so new Martin even said that they are being a bit more flexible even on the 30 day return - so even if you're a bit later as long as you've kept Pod Go and all the packaging nice & give them a call they can deal with a return.   I'm not expecting too many folk to want to return their new Pod Go, but it's great to know you've got the flexibility backed by great customer service from Yamaha in addition to Line 6.  Unless other UK stores offer anything different, anywhere else its the normal Line 6 12 mth warranty & 14 day statutory return period for Pod Go. 

Needless to say I've bought myself a Pod Go from Yamaha and should get it latter part of next week sometime!!!  Really looking forward to getting this puppy, putting it through its paces and learning what it can do.  

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