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Triggering samples


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does Helix have the ability to trigger an external device to play different samples when I go from snapshot to snapshot and what would be the cheapest device that could play stereo samples and be triggered by a change of Helix snapshots? thanks in advance


My heart nearly jumped out of my chest, I glanced at Ashley who was almost panting she was breathing so heavily. Her right hand covered her mouth, but she eventually found her voice "Oh god John..."

She looked at me with her beautiful eyes, partially filled with concern, partially filled with lust. I grabbed her and pulled her so that she was positioned in front of me.

"Put the phone down." I whispered it in her ear. She did, placing it gently to the side.

"Arms up baby." I maintained a calm cadence as I spoke.

She slowly lifted her arms up. I reached down, grabbing the base of her nightie, a loose fitting shirt. I slowly pulled it up and over her head, watching as her lovely milky lollipop spilled out, pale nipples hard enough to cut glass.

"John, W-What are you doing?" I could hear the nerves in her voice. I didn't answer. I simply pulled her back deeper onto the bed, laying her down. I sat up and grabbed at the lace pink underwear she was wearing, I slowly peeled them down her legs, the front of the lace clung to her moistened sex, eventually peeling apart entirely. She lifted her legs up so I could fully remove them from her body. She was now completely naked.

I stood up, my shorts jutting outwards from my erection. I looked down at Ashley and shuddered knowing that soon another man might be inside of her, potentially bringing her immense pleasure. I leaned down and kissed her passionately, she wrapped her arms around the back of my neck, matching my enthusiasm. She slowly spread her legs open and I reached my hand down, using my deft fingers to massage her sex. It was as wet as I'd ever felt her, her lollipop was literally soaking, begging to be lollipoped.

"I'll be back." I whispered it to her, and kissed her one last time, heading towards the living room. Just as I was walking out she called for me, "John."

I turned back, looking at her, seeing her sexily laying on our bed, legs spread, massaging her incredible breasts. She spoke in an earnest tone, "I love you."

Her smile calmed me, her words immediately made me realize that no matter what happened here tonight, everything would be okay.

"I love you too baby."

I walked out of the room.

It felt like an hour before Richard walked through the front door, but it was probably only mere minutes. I spent my time pacing back and forth, staying out of eye shot of Ashley back in our bedroom. When I finally saw the door open, I thought I was going to have a heart attack my nerves were firing so strongly.

Richard strode inside, his same quiet and confident self. He looked at me and smiled, moving towards me. He reached out his hand to shake mine, somehow I found it despite the delirious state of mind I was in. He shook it firmly, and followed it up with an affectionate pat on the shoulder. I simply nodded, and began walking towards the bedroom.

I entered the room, Richard in tow. As we crossed the threshold I looked upon Ashley, still in the same position I left her in, breathing so hard I thought she might hyperventilate. I looked on as her eyes met Richards, they were distant and consumed with lust. I had never seen her in such a raw, sexual, state. The lights in the room were off, but there was plenty of ambient light shining in from the moon, and also from our living room. Her beautiful visage was a clear as day.
I walked towards my side of the bed and pulled out my desk chair, bringing it closer to the edge of the bed. I was shirtless, and still in my shorts. I looked up at Richard, who stood calmly at the foot of the bed, drinking the image of Ashley in. He was dressed in a tee shirt and khakis, I noticed that he was barefoot, only having to take two steps from his apartment to ours, it made sense.

He was smiling at her, and her at him. My lollipop was throbbing with such rigidity it nearly caused me pain. I couldn't believe the three of us were in our bedroom, my wife naked for him. I looked on as she continued massaging her gorgeous lollipop, opening her legs erotically to expose her sopping wet sex for his feasting eyes.

I noticed that Richard's khakis were tenting, absurdly. He stood still, pulling off his shirt and casually tossing it to the side of the room. I was immediately reminded of how much bigger he was than myself. He revealed an impressively toned body with large shoulders and a slim waist. I looked at Ashley who was gazing up at him, eyes glazed. Her lip was bitten.

Richard slowly began unzipping his pants, unlatching the button. They immediately fell to the floor.

Ashley gasped.

The picture sent earlier didn't do it justice. Richard's lollipop was jutting outwards, proudly, immense, black. It was probably a foot long and maintained an incredible girth across the length of it. Adding to the spectacle of his lollipop itself was a pair of massive lollipop, his pouch as big as a tennis ball. It all hung there, rigid, and intimidating. I began feeling flush, light headed. I looked over at Ashley who had the widest eyes I'd ever seen. One of her hands was now gently smacking at her lollipop, seemingly delirious with lust.

Richard stepped out of his pants and approached my wife's side of the bed, completely nude. His obscenely large, black manhood swaying as he walked. Ashley stared at it the entire way over. When he finally reached her he placed his left knee on the bed, giving her a close up view of his sex. She appeared to be in a trance, for she continued to play with herself as she stared at it, completely under it's spell. Richard reached down with his hands and gently took a hold of Ashley's breasts. Massaging one and then the other. He stroked some of her hair behind her ear, and continued. She opened her mouth as if to gasp, but no sound came out. The sight of Richard's large black hands contrasting against my wife's lily white lollipop almost caused my lollipop to erupt without physical provocation. I had never seen anything so exciting, so terrifying, so deeply arousing - in my entire life.

She arched her head back, this time letting out a low audible groan. I looked on as her legs squirmed in anticipation, she quickly brought her head back down, seemingly worried his manhood was no longer in view. It was clear she enjoyed looking at Richard's black lollipop. As she continued to stare at it he gently lunged his hips forward, giving Ashley no option but to take his sex in her hands.

She reached up with one hand, and then the other. Her small, delicate, white fingers slowly wrapped around his fat dark shaft. He was so thick that her fingers had no hope of fully encircling it. I recalled all the times she had stroked my throbbing member, using only one hand and easily touching index finger to thumb while doing so. I wondered what she was thinking as she slowly pumped on his massive lollipop, using both hands with plenty of room to spare. She bit her lip so hard I was worried she'd draw blood.

It was Richard's turn to tilt his head back in pleasure. My wife continued to pump his large lollipop, his plump balls swaying as she did. She noticed them, and gently reached over with her left hand, taking his scrotum in her palm. The sheer size of it was spilling out past the edges of her hand, but she massaged his balls all the same. Her massage eventually transitioned into a tickle, as she used her nails to gently tease his lollipop.

I heard Richard grunt, and he once again thrust forward - this time bringing the tip of his lollipop inches away from my wife's mouth.

Stacey's eyes widened, perhaps the gravity of her actions further setting in, perhaps her excitement reaching a fever pitch. She looked up at him, and then back at the massive black lollipop that was hanging in her face, and she opened her mouth.

I was sweating from the excitement, a continued state of heightened eroticism permeated the room along with my mind. I instinctively began stroking myself as I watched Ashley take Richard in her mouth.

I looked on in horror as her tongue explored the length of his lollipop. She was possessed by her own lust, kissing up and down his shaft, taking as much of him as she could down her throat. She was infatuated with his manhood, and it was nearly incomprehensible to witness. I had to relinquish my grasp on my own lollipop for fear that I would explode, ruining the surreal mind state that I currently occupied.

Richard looked on as my wife showered his black lollipop with copious affection. He maintained his position for a few minutes, but eventually pulled back, shifting his entire body onto the bed in the process.

He looked down at my wife, who's legs were spread for him. Richard gently spread them open even further, positioning his massive member above the entrance to my wife's lollipop. Ashley was beside herself, unable to pull her gaze away from the inevitable penetration. Suddenly, Richard slapped his slab of meat down upon her sopping mound. She screamed out, "Oh!"
He continued to slap his manhood across her folds, massaging them open and stimulating her moistened lollipop with the underside of his large shaft. She was already lost, moaning "Mmm! Oh my god!"

My vision was closing in on me as everything in the world disappeared except for the sight of Richard mounting my wife.

He teased her for a moment more and then pulled back, and pushed forward. Time froze as I watched his engorged black tip mush against my wife's sex, slowly disappearing inside of her. My jaw dropped as fat black inch after fat black inch pushed deep into her white lollipop. Her head immediately arched back as she clawed down into our bed sheets, screaming out in incredible throes of passion "Oh God! Oh God! I can't believe ittt! Oh Goddd!!"

Richard continued to piston in and out, gently, but powerfully, on each consecutive thrust more and more of his black lollipop would enter my wife. Ashley's legs spread up in the air and her toes curled instinctively, she bent her knees in and locked her legs around his lower back as he drove into her. I knew he was filling my wife up like I never had. I knew he was deeper than I had ever been, I knew he was causing Ashley's previously uncharted nerve endings to fire off in pleasure, "Richarddd you are so biggg! Please lollipop meee! Oh my goddd I can't believe how big you are!!" She was gasping for air as she took him inside of her.

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Plenty of iOS apps available to do this if you have an iPad. The possibilities when combining an iPad with the Helix are pretty astounding. Sending an instant command on snapshot load to the iOS app of choice that can respond to midi commands should do the trick. I use AUM on the iPad myself for that sort of thing. I haven't tried triggering on a snapshot change, usually assign a footswitch on the Helix to do the job. Works great. 

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