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POD XT Live Noob Question

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Hi guys,


Simple question with hopefully a simple answer. I've owned my POD XT Live for over ten years and have literally never plugged it into a computer (never really needed to as I got the sounds I was looking for straight out of the unit or created them myself). Now suddenly some new gigging opportunity needs a few sounds I can't get myself and I would like to use other downloads.


The user manual guidance is outdated, and my computer (iMac running Catalina iOS 10.15.5) certainly doesn't recognise the POD XT Live when I plug it in. I have no doubts I need some software to act as an interface between the two but I also don't want to waste money buying software that won't help.


So what do I need to buy? A new version of POD Farm (Standard 2.5) from the Line6 shop? Will that then recognise my POD XT Live and allow downloads from other user custom tones? Or is there something else I need...


Like I said, hopefully a simple answer.


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I'm not an iMac user, but unless your's is really old, you should be able to connect the PODXTLive to it via a USB cable. Then you need to install the driver for it on your iMac. You can get the driver on the Line6 site at . I believe you want Version 7.6.8 and it says it works on Catalina. I don't think you need POD Farm to download custom tones from the CUSTOMTONES page. You might need Gearbox or Line6 Edit to send the tones to the PODXTLive. They are available on the Line6 site, but you may have to dig around for them since the PODXTLive is an old product (at least to Line 6). I still use mine all the time. 




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Thanks for the prompt reply Dave.

I suspect the vintage of the Unit is going to be the sticking point here. I have installed the new driver, but my iMac still won't recognise the PODXT Live. And I suspect that even if it did, if I need Gearbox or Line 6 Edit to send tones then that will be a dealbreaker as neither of them are compatible with OS Catalina - the most recent version of each of them are dated 2010 and 2014 respectively, and various forums are full of 'why don't they work any more...' type questions.

I have an old laptop sitting in the shed gathering dust. I might try to see if I can install something useful on that and get it to recognise the PODXT Live. Failing that I may just need to spend more time building my own sounds.


** While I am on here, another simple question: Is there an easy way to bypass the XT Live altogether (and I don't just mean de-selecting the AMP/STOMP etc). I tend to have a 'Pure' channel  with no effects or modelling which I use a lot when I want to bypass the XT Live and have the signal go straight through to my amp, but always wondered if there was short-cut or alternative way to do it. Again, the user manual never gave anything useful on that front - any way you can think of?

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Gonna need an Older MAC OS version than OSX 10.15 Catalina.

The FASTEST way to go into bypass is to hold down the TUNER function.

If it's set BYPASS then you'll get a buffered bypass function, if it's set MUTE then you get nothing, but you can just tweak a knob to turn the mute function to bypass.

Once you've made sure your TUNER mode is not set to MUTE, it will stay easy to put your pod into full pass through (non muted) bypass. Just go into tuner mode whenever you want your pod to not change your signal

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