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Solution To Authorization Problems: Download Latest Monkey

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Hi all,

I bought a KB37 yesterday (to be used with OSX 10.7.5) and it took me 5 hours of troubleshooting before being able to use this product.


I start by registering the product.  

The version on the disc that comes with the hardware was not running, so I wanted to update all drivers.

Once updated I could use it as an external sound card, but could not open Pod Farm. 

Tried downloading the latest version of Pod Farm. Download always stops half way. 

Learned from this forum about Licence Manager. Can download the latest of that.

Then an additional program starts running called Line 6 Monkey. 

It tells me my product is registered but it is not authorized for this computer.

All the options that Monkey gives me are non-applicable (when choosing device it only offers PodXT). Monkey tells me it can't connect to Line 6 server "check that you are connected to the internet". Thinking Line 6 servers might be down temporarily, I go to bed. 


In the morning, same story. I download the latest Line 6 Monkey and that is the solution. This version CAN connect to the internet. Good programming obviously on Line 6 part. Now I can download the latest Pod Farm version.


I open Pod Farm and it tells me it is running a trial version. Using Licence Manager I authorize my PodFarm. It says Authorized: YES.

Licence manager tells me turn shut down all applications, which I do, and open Pod Farm again. Still running the trial version. 

I restart my computer and now I can run Pod Farm. 


This procedure reminds me of the 'not so good old days' trying to get Emagic products to work with Windows. Line 6 really should get their stuff together. I did send the 'tickets' to Customer Support, but I can imagine them being flooded. I can see on the forum I am not the only one with these issues and am surprised that Line6 hasn't bothered to give an answer that frustrated customers can google. 


In hindsight the solution might seem obvious - just download the latest of everything. But when learning about this whole mess of interacting application, just to get started, you're not quite prepared for things to be 'so 90's'.

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There was a Mac update that fixed some issues too.


But yeah, if they include a disc, it should have an ***Attention!!! Please Download Latest Monkey!!!***

But I guess if you have no internet it may be better than nothing??


You can always use the disc as a coaster, flying disc, or installation art!!

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