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UX2 - Crazy white noise by microphone IN when playing other stuff.

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I'm having a pretty weird issue where (I'm not entirely sure what causes this) where my UX2 microphone inputs will start producing LOUD white noise, even when I unplug the microphone itself. Meaning there's no input anymore but the card itself generates the noise.

For example, I can have it as an in for FL Studio or Discord and it'll work flawlessly. 

But then, I'll start a video on YouTube and it's gonna start making this crazy noise.
Or I'll power up the computer after sleep mode, making music for a whole night before without any issue, answer a messenger call and suddenly it'll do this crazy noise.

The only way to stop this is obviously turning off any software that requested the mic input (but as soon as I restart it the noise is back) or unplugging the UX2 itself, the last method being the only one to really stop the issue for some time. I'll be able to function as normal for some time until it (seemingly randomly) acts up again.

Sometimes I'm fine for a day. Sometimes a week. And sometimes it's gonna be multiple times in a day.

I know that's probably hard to diagnose, but I can't pinpoint the exact cause.


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Disable 'sleep mode'.   This messes up settings.  Restarting/replugging-in USB devices is almost always needed when the computer goes to sleep due to the USB circuit going to sleep too.

There's really no good reason to use 'sleep mode'.  Shut down the computer if you are done for the night, or just leave it on.  Sleep mode was developed to prevent 'burn in' problems with old CRT monitors.

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Hey man, i know it's kinda late but I had the same problem today. Just that annoying static noise in my studio, i tried everything and nothing worked. After all, I realized one thing, my UX2 interface was very close to the wifi rooter. I turned off the rooter and static dissappeared. If anyone is reading this, just try to keep your interface away from any electric or wireless stuff! c:

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