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Using two HX Stomps on one MacBook


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I happen to have two HX Stomps. I'm using one on my MacBook and HX Edit for one guitar. Is it possible to use a second Stomp (for a second guitar for example)? And if so,  what will happen with the HX Edit app? Or install another HX Edit app? 


Thanks for helping.

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Another option is to use one HX Stomp in the effects loop of the other although this will cost you a block. Better yet, use on as a "pedal board" in front of the other in series, and only have the last one in the chain connected to the computer though USB. Put front of the amp effects (wah, compressor, phasor, flanger, UniVibe, fuzz, distortion, overdrive, etc) in the first HX Stomp, then use amp, speaker, chorus, delay reverb in the second.



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