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Variax model selector switch no working


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I have had my Variax standard for a year and ten months and I notices the selector switch does not turn on the guitar models, the battery is fully charged and working and I have flashed the memory with Line 6 Monkey, Workbench HD sees the changes on the selector but the guitar does not respond when plugged into my amp, only the magnetic pick ups work. Both guitar model and tuning knobs do not switch on when depressed. There must be a faulty potentiometer on it. I noticed it was a gradual decline, it doesn't respond on/off without numerous attempts, now it won't come on at all. I have hardly used the guitar and only did on two tours then it went back into the case. I presume I'll need a spare part to refit but seeing that these instruments aren't normal electrically it'll need to be sent somewhere. The guitar is no use to m now unless I can get it back to fully function. I purchased this from Andertons in the UK, and I live in Spain so it's not so easy to send it back. I'll appreciate it if anyone can advise how to get it working again. Many thanks.

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-Loose encoder switch.

-Battery box circuit fail.

-Slim chance of a main board fail.

These are all problems that are not self repairable. It will need to be serviced

at an authorized service center in your area. Check the pull down selector for

locations that service our guitars.


Are you using a Tip/Ring/Sleeve plug guitar cable? Tip/Sleeve types don't always

connect properly.



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