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Covers for unused Helix sockets


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In case it’s of use to anyone

I’ve been looking for something to cover the unused sockets Helix Floor to give it a bit more protection and make setup easier at gigs (when they start again...) as I’m just guitar in and line outs mostly live with usb for MIDI Guitar on iPad sometimes and USB in studio


I found these things on eBay called Jackcaps, they’re blanking cap covers for most socket types, jack, XLR, MIDI that look perfect, just waiting for delivery (I won’t post a link to a seller as there are several and I have no affiliation to any of them)

See uploaded photo


If they’re as good as they look I’ll also use some for other live gear to make it easier to setup with only the required sockets available to access


All I need now is something for the digital ports if anyone’s seen anything






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