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  1. One other thing to be careful of is that Garageband (on iOS at least, not sure on Mac) has some recording options which have pitch correction applied by default. It has different presets for the mic input, and on some of them (one is called studio vocals or something like that) there is a pitch correction knob. If that's active on the input, you will definitely hear weird Cher vocals, lol. Do you beeliiiiieeeeve in life after looove
  2. Not sure exactly what's going on here, but I can say what comes out of the USB stream is going to match what you hear in headphones, so the problem is probably not the Stomp. Do you have monitoring turned off in Garageband? You need to. If you don't, you'll hear the hardware signal from Stomp, doubled with the monitored signal from Garageband, separated by a small delay. If you're singing and listening to that, it will sound phasey/chorusey/weird.
  3. You can blame Apple for this. Their Lightning connector is capable of being many different things, but sometimes requires extra dongles to do so -- just like if you want it to be a traditional headphone jack. It needs that 'camera kit' to make the Lightning connector function as a traditional USB port. It's the same reason you need it to attach a digital camera.
  4. As @datacommando said, you're wasting your time with the USB/Lightning cable. That one definitely will not work. You have to use Apple's camera kit dongle. This is the one I use: https://www.apple.com/shop/product/MK0W2AM/A/lightning-to-usb-3-camera-adapter I agree that at this point, you probably need to try another of the Apple camera kit dongles. I have an iPad that I connect to my Helix, and just like the others here have said, you plug it in and it works. Simple as that. Any audio I play out of the iPad, whether it's within Garageband or YouTube or whatever, comes in through USB1/2 on Helix. Also, see if you can borrow a friend's iPhone or iPad and test it. Maybe you've got some kind of weird iOS glitch.
  5. To clarify -- when you say 'NO USB', do you mean no USB at all? Meaning, neither your Helix or your UMC are plugged in? Or does this statement mean 'UMC plugged in via USB, Helix not plugged in via USB'? At this point I would take Helix out of the equation, and plug something else into the *same* input on your interface, and see if it also does this glitching. If it does, the interface is the issue, not Helix. Doesn't fix your problem, but at least helps you know what needs fixed. Also, I agree with @codamedia -- when it's glitching, plug some headphones or monitors directly into Helix and see if you can hear it direct. We need to isolate this issue to Helix or the UMC to make any headway in fixing it.
  6. Hi John, my thought is: what changed? If this config used to work, and now it doesn't -- did you recently update macOS? Did you recently update Helix and/or HXEdit? Are Helix and HXEdit on matching versions? Do you have any other new devices plugged in via USB that weren't there before? Your test cases above pretty well prove it's not Helix's standalone audio processing causing the problem, and test case 5 sounds like it's not the Behringer interface (or if it is, it's a problem that only happens when both the Helix and your interface are plugged in via USB). I'm not a Mac user, so I can't help with specifics, but I would be inclined to check your audio configuration in macOS. When you have both your interface AND Helix plugged in via USB, they both should show up as audio interfaces to your OS. My suspicion is that something related to that is causing the problem -- maybe they are somehow conflicting and fighting each other.
  7. Are your speakers plugged into your Mac instead of the Behringer interface? If so, that's definitely something needing changed.
  8. Step 1 of troubleshooting anything is to break down the problem into simple, isolated parts. Control one variable at a time. I can't recall anyone reporting something like you describe with their Helix on firmware 2.92, so I'll wager a cup of coffee on it being something else. Unplug the Helix from your interface (and unplug USB if you have that plugged in, too), and plug directly into it via headphones or one of its other outputs to your monitors. If you don't hear the issue anymore, the problem is very unlikely to be the Helix.
  9. qwerty42

    Reverb Models

    Great, you again. Haven't changed a bit, I see.
  10. Hmmm... I don't think that's actually how it works. Can you attach your preset here so we can take a look? I suspect you've actually got both of your L/R outputs carrying a mixed signal because it got merged back together somewhere else.
  11. You can absolutely make IRs straight from EQ curves, without anything else. It's an interesting idea for sure. The method would be like @bassbene just described. I think the simplest implementation would be a set of IRs for different SPLs... eg, 85, 90, 95, 100, 105, 110, and so on. Then you could just select one of these IRs for the end of your signal path (where each one is just an EQ curve transformed into an IR, based on F-M curves for those values). If I have some time to kill this week I'll see if I can find an easy reference to create the curves. I'm sure it still won't be 'perfect' for matching a live venue (since the room effects, reflections, etc. of the real place will also contribute), but I think it could get you into the ballpark.
  12. qwerty42

    Reverb Models

    Whenever this topic comes up, I can't help but wonder if opinions would be different, if they'd put the 'legacy' reverbs into the same category as the HX verbs and not mentioned they were older models. Maybe I'm not much of a reverb connoisseur, but I'm puzzled by what is lacking from them... they're stereo, cover a wide range of different reverb types, and by setting the knobs correctly you can dial in just about whatever your heart desires... ?
  13. Your site is an incredible and generous resource for Helix owners. I can't count how many times I've referred to it for various things. Thank you so much for all the work and sharing it with us!
  14. I've never noticed any consequence from it at all, except the lagging meters themselves. No effect on the audio output. Everything else has been reliable for me with 2.92.
  15. Hi, yep, it's a bug. They thought they'd squashed it with 2.92, but in some cases it still happens, especially on path 2. I've reported it to them along with an explanation video & pair of patches that can force it to happen in just 5 minutes of on-time so they are able to reproduce it. Hopefully it gets fixed in 3.0.
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