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  1. Thanks for the info: I just got the Helix Rack /Floor Control and love the looper functions in conjunction with Studio One v5. Interested to suss out if the vocal path can be used whilst looping , great for demos/ harmonies / practice/ recording. I use also the wireless Samson and it allows me to jump between Bass Guitar & Acoustic whilst running looper/via studio one Daw. sometime soon I’d like to connect via mixing desk (analog) outs to feed into Helix Rack and use this facility also to add audio flow into looper. Giving me full flexibility for creating ideas..and also record into Daw with these ( looped ) sections in any form. nice one Line 6 for a cool gadget once again. Helix Rack - Foot Control.
  2. Do You know Commando know how I can block certain folks on Line 6 forums...since you seem to know everyone , but actually nothing?
  3. Thanks Pier for highlighting these things...Yea totally understand this 100% I’ve wires my own 56 chanel desk yrs ago....and quite a few broke yrs later...the use of the joystick must take lots of abuse being multi functional and talks to the software....maybe there is room for slight improvements in future updated models ...fingers crossed Line 6 thanks.
  4. All this no sense answers for everyone ain’t sinking, I’m simply hoping with a new model let’s say 2020 may have improved jut slightly and possibly hopefully these silly little issues like the manual joystick controlled could have been simple rectified slightly different due to issues like had with my NEW B stock ( lasted 3 hours) now it’s sent back for a NEW model. im only hoping these was an updated version , hence my serial number and date of manufacture to hopefully fix these flukes that happen been with Line 6 longer than anyone possibly who is doing all the ranting and making me sound pathetic, but it’s basically himself that’s needing questioning , simply by his manner to the public in the way he DE - Means folks as tho he is some kinda of sherif or maybe he thinks he owns line that’s they he is coming across. PS I just loved the Helix Rack and yea, here’s hoping it arrives soon, I’ll possibly purchase the floor controller and a variax soon... PPS I hope commando boy doesn’t keep answering my very tuned questions , he actually doesn’t understand ....maybe the penny will from now that I’ve found some head space to finish what I’ve been trying to say...
  5. Why done you give yourself some peace and give your gob a rest, pick up the guitar and chill. And as for moderator...I just took it you were as you seem to be hanging about this forum like a rash... praying for the next victim as I've mentioned...Try sleeping.
  6. I think u must be the only one on the Line 6 forums wonder it's empty, having to listen to you rant at Evey comment. Well here's hoping the later models have moved on on the manufacturing stage with the " flaky soldering" as u call it . U should NOT be allowed on these forums, your like a praying mantis.. I now know where NOT to ask for any advice, it's quite obvious now you know nothing. Have a nice day. I'll look for a more humane forum. God help Line 6...
  7. I’d like to make a formal complaint about certain moderators within the line 6 forums. can anyone supply me this information. PS. I have every question in detail I’ve asked on my quest to find out more about my new product, and also every answer I’ve received from certain moderators. ive been a Line 6 user for 24 years, That’s all I have to say. Thanks You.
  8. Not sure u actually get where im coming from TBH...I know my unit is covered by warranty etc.. Thats not the point im trying to squeeze thru u guy to see if you actually get the POINT...u don't, ....Im simply wanting to know if and when i purchase a (BRAND NEW UNIT) as the B Stock one had issues.. How does a buyer like myself actually know when IT was made/ munufactred approximately ( DO I GET A 2015 model or 2020 model) And this should clear up any issues u have... about manufature etc...Im the buyer . Not yourself.... (Lastly )And to also cover your last comment (above here)- "Essentially you are worrying about nothing" Ive only used my Helix 3 hours and its broken...and it cost £1000 uk pounds. and im the one who is worrying??
  9. Cheers for the comments...Sorry was in the wrong space, Thanks
  10. U mentioned the Joystick...Just wondered if you had issues with your model... ive posted on my purchaes where my joystick gave up the chost...I had to send back as i had bought a B Stock Helix Rack What a brilliant machine indeed...Ive sent it back today 7th Dec 2020 for to be replace with a NEW model... My real question is ( no one has answered as yet) How old is a BRAND NEW model , does it have a date on serial number like guitar have?? I recon its a good valid question. I cant wait to get the new model...
  11. Yea of course its selling over there...Question was they make them today...remeber it manufacturing year was 2015...not 2020 Maybe they have resolved some of the older issues...if you get my drift !
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