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Had a go at making a demo of a Pod Go 'snap' patch I created


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Well, so far so good with the latest Pod Go upgrade.  I even had a go at trying to demo a 'snap' patch I created called Soldclean SCsnap :  //


Recorded on Audacity, no post editing, played straight through the Pod Go with my 1997 Patrick Eggle Berlin Pro.  Sorry the playing is a bit iffy - my mind & fingers went to mush as soon as I hit record!! lol




In order:

Snap 1 - funk

Snap 1 - jazzy

Snap2 - chordal

Snap 2 - with chorus

Snap 3 - Kid riff

Snap 3 - Blowing riff

Snap 4 - Zep riffs

Snap 4 - With chorus - Rushed it

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