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X3 Live as voice recording audio interface

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I will start to use the X3 live as an audio interface for voice recording, I'm not really sure which would be the best mic, but for economical reasons...I'm tempepted to use my SM57 for it..and I have 2 concerns,


1- Would that mic be a good choice for vocal ?

2- Would the sound quality using the X3 live as an interface will be good enough for mastering ? I mean...at the end, will I be able to get a semi-professional sound?




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1) It will work but the SM58 is a better choice for vocals. But if you’re going to buy something new purely for vocals I wouldn’t get that either. Try the Shure Beta 58A.


2) Purely subjective. The X3 Live is primarily a guitar processor. It serves as an audio interface as a bonus. You won’t find it used as the primary audio interface in any pro or semi-pro studio. But it does a fine job for what it is. Mastering? Depends on your own ears and standards I guess.

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