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Loud Pops/ audio dropouts when looping?


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Hi - 


1.  had a few incidents where playing through helix and there was a very loud pop, then no audio.  had to restart to get audio back.

have had several weird things happen when looping.  Re-installed update, happened again.  did another complete wipe/update/restore and was fine for a few weeks

2. last night, looping fine for several songs then could not make the loop stop. had to switch to an empty patch

3. tonight, looping at home.  Same very loud pop, but this time audio came back, loop continued to play, but now the pop happened many more times - the first pop happened just playing to the loop (not recording), but it almost seemed like it recorded the pop, but the pop didn't happen in the same place every time, so can't really tell.


of course, cannot replicate this .... switched patches and tried looping again and it was ok.


has anyone had any similar problems?   FWIW, I also have that problem where the reverbs turn off after the unit has been on for a while... no idea if these issues are related at all.


Thanks in advance for any help!

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12 hours ago, scottwilliams said:

Thanks in advance for any help!

Hi Scott,


Not sure about the popping in your loop unless you are using an unfiltered mains power supply. Use a filter on your power to clean it up.

Regarding the reverb dropout it seems this is a known issue and is due to be fixed. For some reason after an unknown length of time it simply stops responding.

See similar comment and reply here:



Hope this helps makes sense.

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