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Shuriken Pickup Swap


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I just did a pickup swap from the stock pickup to a Bare Knuckle Black Hawk.  What an awesome upgrade! I felt the original was too thin sounding with not enough mids and body.  I also felt the highs to be brittle or have too much "plink" in the attack.  The Black Hawk is an awesome upgrade with a little more output. It balances well across the strings and smooths out with a roll back of the volume and tone knobs.  8.6K ohm impedance pickup with plenty of gain without sounding too dark.  Anyway, see the picks below if you are interested in changing out the pickup.  Its an easy job for anyone with a little soldering experience.  Pickup height is 2.5 mm.

IMG_4759 2.jpg




IMG_3507 2.jpg

IMG_1351 2.jpg

IMG_1316 2.jpg

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And use pick-ups with a DCR spec of between 6k and 8k Ohms for good impedance matching,

or the EQ will have a darker tone quality to it that you might not like. 8.6k Ohm is nearing the edge

of that, but it can work.


And follow the wiring diagrams and recommendations in the Knowledge Base section of the Line 6 Forum.



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