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Hx stomp+ combo amp sounds bad, why?


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So i have the hx stomp and the hx native plugin in my studio for a long time now and i love the sound they produce!

The issue starts when i connect my hx stomp to my VOX ac 15 combo amp.
The sound becomes thin and sharp and not pleasant to the ear.

As soon as i take the hx stomp and connect my guitars directly to the amp i get the full balanced sound i like.

Am i right to assume i get this bad sound because i am sort of using 2 consecutive  amps? the hx stomps is one and the vox is two?

If so and because there is no fx loop input on my amp and no way to bypass the amps pre amp and use only the speaker:
1)is there a way to cancel the preamp section of the  hx stomp (already tried going into global setting and change instrument to line)
2)Will i be better just selling my amp and getting for example an orange guitar speaker cabinet with no amp?


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At least get rid of the cabs. The hx works great as a preamp pedal before your regulars amps. Just get remove the cab then after that it’s your choice whether or not to get rid of the power amp sim as well. You’ll need to adjust it to taste but it should generally work great.

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