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  1. I think mark started with their best intention at least. Helix has good sounds. I avoid the cabs though - they’re sorta a weak point for me - they don’t make much sense. ive never a/b’ed the helix and axe but maybe I’ll post some similar presets for people to compare / critique. and also for Mark
  2. Thread is seeming officially pointless since mark just said this then disappeared. On the contrary, Mark you should post a sound you’re working that you think sounds good and we’ll tell you where to improve. post your clip / preset
  3. Mark, youre sounding a little provoking and hopefully thats not your intention. I am a Helix and axe fx 3 owner and i dont "want it to be okay" when it comes to helix. I love helix and they both offer different approaches on how to do similar things. I'm agreeing with some other people here that this thread is sounding mostly pointless but it could have been a cool opportunity to compare and contrast the two units. Both units sound - and most importantly work - great. As a side note those presets in that video for the axe arent stock presets. You have to pay an extra 100$ before tax for them.
  4. Hm... Sounds like something PearlJammy would say.
  5. I'm lost. Did PearlJammy edit his original post? I hate to add fuel to the fire here but when i first read it, i had no indication that anybody could be possibly offended. After seeing a majority of the responses here i reread his post -probably multiple times- to see if i'd missed something. He seems direct and i can't find a clue to why any adult would un-constructively badger him. To stay on topic, i agree i would like some added flexibility to my Helix. I personally hardly utilize the Mode or Tap switches currently but i've just never paid much attention to them until now. They'd be a welcome addition to the Stomp layout, or any configuration for that matter. Im glad to see this idea is 'In Review' on idea scale as the flexibility could be a big improvement if implemented into an upcoming Helix update. I have high hopes for this.
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