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  1. I predicted the dark horse feature. You’re welcome.
  2. Was it any good? Can you tell us about any features?
  3. At least get rid of the cabs. The hx works great as a preamp pedal before your regulars amps. Just get remove the cab then after that it’s your choice whether or not to get rid of the power amp sim as well. You’ll need to adjust it to taste but it should generally work great.
  4. A lot of people don’t like touch screen myself included. It’s comfortable with my thumbs but I’d never put my whole hand in front of a screen and try to move things - it’s near impossible for me to see that way and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Maybe it would be an option but it would have to be deactivate-able and would require a whole other way to get around making it redundant in resources. Everyone agreed that they will eventually work on something new. I mean they made the stomp didn’t they? And native? Not everyone is looking to upgrade though and a lot of people are happy without a “Helix 2” DI (Eric Klein) also mentioned that the new poly models are nice however they’re not as nice as the future capabilities of the polyphonic “engine” they've created. So current Helix/HX has a lot of life still in it. For myself, it feels as though Helix is new and I’m comfortable with it so I’m not looking to upgrade. A Bluetooth editor would be nice though. edit: changed future from feature*
  5. Ah I see. I completely understand that. I’m happy that polyphonic pitch shift will be added to HX Stomp in whatever package it comes in. Whether it’s something unique or more simply a solid shift knob. Drop or no drop is no issue to me. I was referencing someone’s guess at what the dark horse feature would be - Someone guessed “drop” then someone else said that it had already been confirmed and would be added to all units so it won’t be a floor, lt or rack exclusive. I think they were referring to drop in more of its essential function and not necessarily a model though. Yeah I definitely wouldn’t insinuate that your algorithm is the same as DigiTech’s. Thats really interesting and enlightening though about the obstacles the team had to face that users(myself included) haven’t generally known. Really shines a light on a mysterious aspect of the polyphonic progress.
  6. I couldn’t agree more. I honestly don’t know why and that’s not a shot at Line 6. I’m just genuinely in the dark why they’re not there. I hope it’s not a constraint and that they’re implemented in the future but you can sorta get around it in other ways when it comes to native. My speculation was that it was left out for redundancy in that particular time and that maybe they could circle back to it later on. I’m still hoping.
  7. I agree. It could be that native doesn’t require this dark horse feature. That would be similar to why native doesn’t receive other updates such as gain reduction meters. Perhaps DI is saying the new models are so out-there that it would raise attention from people who main simple algorithms such as blue lawyers I.e. in the vain of a DigiTech space station. Something you wouldn’t play a twelve bar blues on. As much as I love things like bleat chop trem, I’m really looking forward to some dsp intensive, far out-there models that go in a wildly new direction! A DigiTech drop model has been confirmed for 3.0 and I quote(sorta) it shifts “every which way” so polyphonic is definitely included barring any mishaps. A DigiTech Drop model is not confirmed.
  8. Helix native uses as many processor as are available though right? Floor, Lt and rack are geared more toward performance maybe?
  9. Ha ha He’s saying the update could use the larger screen which is only found on those units- or the command center which is another Floor, Lt, rack exclusive. However the command center is coming to stomp in the same update so it’s not really an exclusive.
  10. Hx stomp does so much that it’s insane. I often debate in my head how two stomps can have unique advantages over a floor. So I have an unsubstantiated guess for thought about 3.0 - What if dark horse is two smaller presets, instead of one, where you can switch the preset of one dsp chip while you play on the other? Not sure how possible that is on a single unit but it’s possible with two stomps, an external switcher and some timely foot switching. It’s a cool performance-based advantage of two smaller units and if it were updated to a bigger unit then it would require two dsp chips(technically already does). Had to throw it out there!
  11. Gain reduction metering is the only reason I updated. Is it really not available on native?
  12. I think mark started with their best intention at least. Helix has good sounds. I avoid the cabs though - they’re sorta a weak point for me - they don’t make much sense. ive never a/b’ed the helix and axe but maybe I’ll post some similar presets for people to compare / critique. and also for Mark
  13. Thread is seeming officially pointless since mark just said this then disappeared. On the contrary, Mark you should post a sound you’re working that you think sounds good and we’ll tell you where to improve. post your clip / preset
  14. Mark, youre sounding a little provoking and hopefully thats not your intention. I am a Helix and axe fx 3 owner and i dont "want it to be okay" when it comes to helix. I love helix and they both offer different approaches on how to do similar things. I'm agreeing with some other people here that this thread is sounding mostly pointless but it could have been a cool opportunity to compare and contrast the two units. Both units sound - and most importantly work - great. As a side note those presets in that video for the axe arent stock presets. You have to pay an extra 100$ before tax for them.
  15. Hm... Sounds like something PearlJammy would say.
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