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JM4 - Need a working 2GB SD card


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Can anyone identify for me a commercially available-for-purchase (as of 12/2020)  and known-to-work 2GB SD card for the JM4?


The 2GB SD card I bought does not work.   Buying card after card in a blind attempt to find one that works is just going to be too frustrating to attempt!


Alternatively, does anybody actually *have* an old 2 GB SD card that used to be in a JM4 which they have parted with?   I would be happy to arrange shipping and a fee to acquire it from you if so.


I just want to get the most out of my JM4!




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if youre still hunting for a 2gb sd card that was used in a jm4, im your huckleberry, send me a text or email direct if you get this & still need one, or 314-703-5011 that sucks & I sold my jm4 a few months ago, wish I hadn't, that thing was bitchin for a 15 year old device. anyways I've got the one I used with mine, as long as you pay for shipping or whatever im cool letting it go to a fellow jm4-er...


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