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Using UX2 for vocals - can I add a limiter?

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I am running a UX2 with Gearbox on High Sierra - I managed to get it running.  I use this for podcasting and the setup I am using isn't orthodox but it works - I would like to take a little better control over the dynamics. Is there a limiter I can add to the effects chain?


I currently use the EQ and Compression and have a sound i am about 90% happy with. 


Side question - is there any other software that is included with the UX2 that might add other options or effects? 


I have a variax and POD X3 Live - unsure if those add anything else to the mix 



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I don't recall off hand if the POD X3 has a limiter. But a compressor is typically more dynamic than a limiter. Also a compressor with a very high ration may behave like a limiter depending on the model.


The POD X3 should have a hardware enabled PF license which gives you all the model backs available and I think the plug-in license.

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