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Knob response issue


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I'm curious to know if any of you also have the same issue. When turning the upper two selection knobs you hear an audible click but they sometimes don't respond (the behavior is the same in every menu and it's especially prevalent when turning to the left for some reason).

Just hoping it's not a hardware issue, because given my previous experience with this kind of turning knobs, things will likely get worse over time and the device will become unusable.


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Yeah it's annoying.  Mine does the same on both knobs, about 10% of inputs are randomly lost, both directions.  Think it's a common issue with that sort of hardware, never had a mouse (mainly logitech) that was able to capture 100% of mouse scrolls.

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I really doubt it's software as it doesn't occur depending on speed; if you turned it super fast for 5 clicks and it moved 3-4 blocks because Go can't process that many clicks per second that could be something, but if you're waiting 1s for each click while the PGO is doing nothing and it bugs, it's more indication of hardware glitch.


Pretty sure it's similar mechanism to this:


The other knobs which rotate but don't have clicks are kinda annoying also; as I find it quite hard to regulate the turning speed to get to what you're trying to get.  Ex; 0-100, you spin it slowly and it goes 1,2,3, then you spin fast, and it goes 1,2,22,33,78,100 ...   But you want 50..  So go back..  99, 98, 97 ... ok gotta go faster ...  90, 85,84,83,82,63,43,23,03,00   grrrr!


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As for a mouse example, as far as I know, usually it's an issue with a rotary socket or the shaft, one or the other wears out after a time and the wheel starts scrolling without moving the rotary sometimes.

It might be a similar construction in Pod Go, but why do you think it's the same problem in a brand new device?

On 1/4/2021 at 10:42 PM, voxman55 said:

Knob response can be a concern... but there are pills you can get now to help!!  Lol


Seriously, same here. It's just a minor software glitch I think.

Haha, hope I won't need a forum's help with that knob anytime soon, but you never know... :)

I'm not trying to nitpick here, if it's a soft issue, yes, it's annoying but I can live with that just fine. I just wanted to put my concerns to rest that it's not a physical knob issue, because in that case it would be a serious problem, since there is no alternative way to operate the unit if it starts to skip more and more clicks.

But since you also have the same, I lean more toward it being just a minor bug. 

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12 hours ago, Predictable said:

but why do you think it's the same problem in a brand new device?


Well it's an issue for 100% of the 3 people posting here; with almost brand new devices.  Mine did it from day 1.  So really not from wear and tear; imho it's just tradeoff or flaw of the design...  


PS said all my mouses scroll wheels had the issue, but my current mouse seems to not have the issue...  So likely a component quality issue...?  :\

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