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How do I get my user defaults from HX Floor into HX Native?


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I think you mean "Favorites".


In HX Edit:


In the Left Pane, Select "Favorites".

Select the Favorites you want to Export.

Select "Export".

In the File Dialog that pops up, create a folder for your Favorites (or navigate to it if you've already created the folder).

Click OK.


In Native:


In the Left Pane, Select "Favorites".

Select "Import".

Navigate to your "Favorites" folder.

Select the Favorites you want to Import.

Click Open.

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Thank you, but what I'm trying to ask about is this from the 3.0 update:



User Model Defaults

Helix Floor, Helix Rack/Control, Helix LT, Helix Native, HX Effects, HX Stomp




3.0 lets you save any amp, cab, or effect block's settings as default, so every time you call that model up, it sounds exactly the way you want it. Or, if you want to revert it to factory default, you can do that too. Editing/saving a User Default does not affect any existing instances of the model currently in use in your presets.

  1. Choose any model and tweak it exactly how you like it.
  2. Press ACTION and then User Default. From Helix Native or HX Edit, right-click (Mac: control-click) the block icon and select "User Default." 
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