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POD HD Pro X on Mac M1


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Hi guys,


I just purchased an awesome Mac book pro with M1 cheap.


I'm facing issue with my HD Pro X. It is not detected by my mac. 


When i run : sudo kextutil -vvvv -bundle-id com.line6.driver.xtaudio


It says to me : 

Defaulting to kernel file '/System/Library/Kernels/kernel'

Executing: /usr/bin/kmutil load --bundle-identifier com.line6.driver.xtaudio

Error Domain=KMErrorDomain Code=71 "Incompatible architecture: Binary is for x86_64, but needed arch arm64e" UserInfo={NSLocalizedDescription=Incompatible architecture: Binary is for x86_64, but needed arch arm64e}


Will the drivers be updated to give full compatibility to brand new mac m1 ?


Thanks for your answer





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Thanks for your response but ... I am a bit confused. How can you say that is an Apple issue ?

Since Line6 provides Softwares, it's part of the job to work on compatibility regarding hardware evolution. Don't you think ?



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Just a follow up :


I contacted the support lately about this problem and here is the response :


There is no projected date of compatibility as of yet. If you have gear registered to your account you'll be notified via email once we reach compatibility with Big Sur for the Mac OS. We are working diligently to achieve full compatibility. We appreciate your patience.


Patience, patience

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This is getting so frusterating. I have an apple M1 Mac Mini 512 gb sssd and 16gb ran, while the Nac Mini had Monteray once I downloaded  and installed the universal driver 1.0.0I had no problem, often I leave my mac on all night, the next day I turned on my Pod HD pro x and the edit software. all of a sudden I get all kinds of errors. Why Line 6 I love your products but it seems like you guys put out the next best thing and what ever was yesterdays flagship you act as if it wasnt yours in the first place. I know thix because Ive owned every version of the first variax guitars and now I have 2 Line 6 Variax Standards wgich are built on Yamaha guitars. Its perfect, so far you are still managing that, but Ive owned every pod from the bean to Bean 2.0 to the xt floor to the X3 Rack to both the Pod hd 500x and then the Pod hd pro. x You just stopped selling the 

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Im sorry first about the typing. Im an old coot and just had catarac surgery so i cant see well yet and i apopogize if I came across cranky. to make a long story short first I installes the editor in the main drive I was using which is an external 2 TB SSD. I could never get it to run on the exterior drive even though its my boot drive, so I installed it on the 512 gb ssd that came with the mqc mini, I GOT IT TO work until that night my mac mini automatically upgraded to Sonoma 14.1 Ive turned the computer off and on restarted the Pod HD pro X and started the editir, It detects the Pod hd but I get an error nessage saying there is an error, Your universal driver 1.0,0 has been working from Big sur toll Monteray. should I expect a ner driver. I still have my older 2011 Imac which runs my hardware fine but Im using Logic and The version of Logic in my Mac mini will not work in the older intel mac plus why should I have to use a 12 year old computer when you just discontinued the pod HD Pro X last year. Ill probably get a Helix some day but for now Im living on a fixrd retirement income and to replace the Pod HD Pro X with the helix rack mount will probably cost me over 2k with the foot controller. anyway, i hope you can help me out here. Thanks Mark

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