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Line6 Spider V20 ASIO Driver not installed or recognised by Cubase

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there is a serious problem giving me troubles.

I own a Spider V20 Amp that runs perfectly. I can connect the amp to my Win10 PC and I can use Spider V remote e.g. This works smooth.


I managed to use the amp for recording via Cubase 11 LE AI. As I started the software Cubase asked me, if I'd like to use Spider V ASIO as audio in device.



The problemstarted 3 weeks ago up as I opened Cubase 11 LE AI. The software does neigher show an audio connection to the amp nor does it use the Spider V ASIO. The only audio in I can choose is the Mic of the laptop. 

There is no Spider V ASIO in the dropdown menu in studio settings. I only can choose the generic ASIO which is connected to the Mic as Audio In.


I installed the Spider V Drivers several times. No effect. Starting up cubase, then disconnecting the amp and reconnecting it doesn't show any effect. 

I think the main problem is, the the Spider ASIO isn't recognized or loaded by cubase somehow.


Is there a way to check, if the Spider ASIO Driver is installed properly? Or are there any other suggestions how to solve this problem?


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On 30/10/2021 at 13:33, loureiuk said:

Pareil ici, le manuel dit d'installer le pilote - Line 6 Spider V Asio Driver - depuis le site de line 6, mais je ne l'ai pas trouvé non plus... 

avez vous reussi a l'installer ? care j'ai le meme probleme de mon coté


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