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When You Run Out Of Cables

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Did a jam on Saturday after work. Had to use up the XLR cables running mics and feeds to recording, so ended up one XLR short when it came time to connect the JTV+HD+DT25.


So, I ended up setting the HD500 into 'studio direct' mode, and ran a 1/4" from the HD500 out to the FX return of the DT25. Then had XLR out from the DT25 to the recording.


For what it's worth, you can get really good sound running your rig this way. It's not ideal, since you aren't taking advantage of the full-on Bogner switching L6Link side of things, but works great in a pinch, and for what it's worth the DT25 sends that signal just fine via XLR out when wired in only through the fx return.

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Worth noting that although a standard XLR mic cable will work as a L6 Link, there is a digital option with a similar XLR cable that is called an AES-EBU. I think the signal is a little more pure, since it is specifically made for passing digital signals. I mark mine with a piece of bright green duct tape so that it doesn't get mixed up with the mic XLR cables. I also do that with the speaker cabinet cables so that they don't get mixed up with standard guitar cables.


Great tip on the "get by" connection! Gonna try that!

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If audio drop outs occur, will be because of impedance mismatch.

Mic cables are 50-Ohm impedance and L6 Link uses 110-Ohm AES/EBU cable.

They might have the same connectors, but they are different impedances. 

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