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Dt With Pod Dual Path Between Amp And Mixer Question

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I have the amp model at the point before the path split, nothing in the two separated paths in that section, and of course the mixer is where the paths come together....


I have input 1 set for Guitar/Variax and input 2 set for Aux (not used).


So, in theory I only have one input sending signal through to the amp pre model. If I have any effects active in the 'pre split' section they are mono.


The mixer panned center on both channels.


So if I drop the slider to one channel to Mute am I just cutting the output of the amp model for no good reason?


For my presets that I use with the PodHD without the DT amp...instead sent to a DAW and monitors I tend to follow the thinking that I don't want dual amps or both inputs the 'Same' because it seems to be too much potential for noise so I mute one path as described above. But I'm thinking with the DT connected, and nothing in the second input if you mute one path you are only attenuating the signal as it is created at the Amp Pre model outlet....

It was a single path load of signal coming into the Amp model so there is only that much coming out...halving that downstream at the mixer is not doing any good (unless you happen to want it attenuated there for some reason)


So am I correct in not muting that for that reason? Correct that I end up with only a single path of any gain, models, effects going into the amp and so no need to block one path leaving the mixer.

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do not mute at the mixer in this configuration, you gain nothing.  You should continue to send the signal down both paths to hit any FX blocks in the post secton such as reverb, delay etc.  From there it depends on what you want to feed with your outputs.  Each XLR will only feed its associated path (L or R)  as will the 1/4 outs with the exception that the Left 1/4 out willl sum both sides to mono provided you don't use the Right 1/4 out.


I have found when using Variax on input 1 that setting input 2 to Guitar actually gives me a quieter signal than using Aux.  However, that may just be my setup, who knows?

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