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L6 Link between 2 PC+ 112s - without Helix Floor/LT?


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I use a PowerCab Plus 112 and like the idea of adding a second in future when gigs pick up again.

I originally started using it with a Helix Floor via L6 Link but have recently started using HX Stomp.

I've not yet found an answer to this question though - and I suspect it will be "no" but I'd love to know from anyone who's tried or has insight:

Is it possible to feed audio to the 1st PC+ from HX Stomp, and perhaps control speaker models with MIDI, but then when appropriate for the gig add a 2nd PC+ by daisy chaining it from the 1st PC+ via L6 Link?

I will mostly be using Speaker Modelling mode, and like the idea of being able to daisy chain in this way (even with the 2nd PC+ acting purely as a slave - copying the behavior of the 1st PC+), and not needing to preserve a 2nd audio output from HX Stomp for this occasional purpose.

The alternative is perhaps to split the output from Stomp on the pedal board (either with multiple Outs or Sends, or perhaps an ABY box) and additionally control the 2nd PC+ with MIDI also...

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No digital audio is being sent from that HX Stomp to the Powercab, so no Link daisy chain is possible. If there is no AES incoming to the first PC+, that one has nothing to send from its AES out.


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